April 25 and 26 Moses Lake Tournament at risk of cancellation.  Keep checking back.  If WDFW re-opens the launches and things improve by then we will have registration from 4:00 ~ 8:00pm and the following morning 5:00 to 5:30am.  Tournament hours will be:

 6:00-4:00 Sat. and 6:00-2:00 Sunday. 

Sorry, the website has not been getting updated. 

We have it fixed now. 

Next Club Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 28 after the Moses Tournament. 

Spokane Valley Marine at 7:00pm! 

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New Tournament Points Structure

New Tournament Points Structure.pdf

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                                                                          2020 Club Schedule                                                                              

April 25 & 26 - Moses Lake (Sunrise Resort)

May 16 & 17 - Pend O'Reille River (DeMaris Invitational- Blue Slide Resort)
May 23-25 Jamboree (Coulee Playland Resort)
May 30 & 31 - Pend O'Reille River (Blue Slide Resort)
June 27 & 28 - Potholes Reservoir (Mar Don Resort)
July 18 & 19 - Roosevelt (TBD)
Aug ????? TBD Couples and Kids
Sept. 12 & 13 - Pend O'Reille River (IDAHO, Willow Bay - Willowbayidaho.com, 1-208-946-8794)
Oct. 10 & 11 - Banks Lake (Coulee Playland Resort)

DeMaris Invitational Open Tournament - May 16 and 17 Pend O'Reille River (Blue Slide Resort)

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