“Catch and Release Rules

Form, Catch&Release

Catch and Release Angler of the Year

Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be awarded at the Christmas Banquet for the most over 3 pounds caught and documented.

To participate you must:

         1. Be a member in good standing of Inland Empire Bass Club.

         2.  Catch in time period allowed: November 2nd through November 1st.

         3.  Use artificial lures only, to include port rinds.

         4.  Report the catch to the Catch and Release official on the official form within 30 days of the catch.  No Entries will be accepted after November 1st, for the current year.

         5.   Catch must be in current season tournament waters or within States of Washington, Idaho, and Montana

         6.  Catch may be weighed on a certified scale or de-liar type scale.   No witness is necessary unless you are claiming   big fish for the year.  During a club function, our official Inland Empire Bass Club Scale may be used.

         7.  Forms for entry can be printed from the Club website, and must be mailed to the Tournament Director.  It is advised that submitting members place a call to confirm receipt of their entries with the Tournament Director  





Revised 02/13/2012