tournament rules

Section 1. Who may participate?

1.   All participants must have paid their Inland Empire Bass Club memberships by the preceding regularly scheduled general club meeting        and be in good standing.

Section 2.  Safety requirements

1.        Participants will operate their boats and in accordance with state and local marine law and must display a tournament banner. 

2.        Outboard engine horsepower will be at or below B.I.A. rating of the boat

3.        Alcoholic beverages and non-prescription drugs are not allowed in boats during tournament hours.

4.        U.S.C.G Floatation devices must be worn by participants at any time the outboard motor is operating , and a

           working “kill switch” must   be attached to the boat operator when the boat is underway.

5.        Spot checks of U.S.C.G. required safety equipment may be made.  Equipment to include :

                       a.   U.S.C.G  approved life jackets

                       b.   Type IV floatation device

                       c.   Fire Extinguisher

                       d.   Whistle or horn.

                       e.    Marine Flares with current expiration date.

Section 3. Contest Hours

Tournament hours will be listed in the published tournament schedule, but may be changed by the tournament director to confirm to alternate time zones and inclement weather.  In any case, changes in hours shall be announced as early as is practical.

Section 4. Contest Days

1.        Fishing is not allowed on tournament dates except during contest hours for any kind of fish.

2.        The Tournament Director will determine contest headquarters.

3.        State fishing regulations will govern except:

a. Live or processed bait is prohibited, however pork rind and scent attractants and/or masks

                    may be used

               b. Each contestant will not exceed a five bass possession or a state possession limit whichever               

                     is less.

               c. All non-targeted species shall be immediately released.

               d. All bass must be caught in a conventional manner from within the boat. Contestants may not  

                    fish from a dock or the shore, and may not leave the boat to land a fish.  Competitors may            

                    obtain fuel, repairs or use the restroom facilities at any time during the tournament,  No  “jerry” cans are allowed in boat.

               e. Trolling as a method of fishing is prohibited.

               f. Working live wells must be used during tournament to house bass.  Live wells may be      

                     permanently installed , or be ice chests or similar devices.  All devices must be aerated or

                    recirculating and fully operational.  The tournament director may inspect live wells at any         

                    time.  Every effort shall be made to keep fish alive while in contestants’ possession.

                g. Fishing is permitted throughout the designated tournament lake, river, or impoundment.

                    The director shall notify contestants prior to “blast-off” of any off-limit areas or special

                    Restrictions such as “off plane” zones.  Contestants may not fish with in one hundred

                    (100) feet of another contestants’ boat which is anchored in position or who’s trolling motor 

                    Is in the water, unless invited by the contestant having dominant position.  Once    

                    permission is given to one contestant all contestants must be allowed

Section 5.

1.        All contestants shall register at the tournament headquarters no later than one-half hour prior to start time.

2.        Contestants arriving after the official start time must check in with any participating club member PRIOR to fishing.

3.        Any entry fee of $10.00 per contestant, (not to exceed $20.00 per family) shall be collected by the director.

Section 6.  Draw Starts

        1.    Boat positions shall be drawn no later than twenty minutes prior to the start of the contest.

        2      Only registered contestants may draw.

3.      The contestant drawing the last boat position shall start the boats  the first day,  in numerical   order from a convenient location as determined by the tournament director.  The contestant drawing the starting number for the first day will launch the boats in reverse numerical order on day two.

4.     Contestants not registered at least 30 minutes prior to official start time of the first day shall not receive a boat position number, and will start last both days.

5.      Contestants may not begin fishing until their boat number has been called.

 Section 7.  Weigh In

1.        All contestants must return to contest headquarters by boat for weigh in on or before scheduled stop  time.  The official shall keep the only official time.  For borderline arrivals, “returned” is defined as “within 100 yards of the launch site  with the boat off plane”.  The decision of the tournament director regarding late arrivals is final.

2.        If a boat becomes disabled, the affected contestant(s) catch may be transported to weigh in by another contestant, with or without the affected contestant.  In addition, any contestant who must retire early from contest may leave his or her catch with another contestant: however state possession limits per contestant still apply.

3.     One (1) pound penalty will be applied per minute that contestant(s) are late for arrival to weigh in.  

4.     Only the official weigh in bags,(marked with I.B.E.C)  will be allowed to be used to weight in fish.  There will be six (6) to ten (10)  bags available,  decided by the Tournament Official. 

Section 8.  Weight and Measures

         1.  All fish shall be weighed on official club scales, or as designated by the tournament director.

         2.  A penalty of one-half pound (50/100, fifth/hundredths) shall be deducted from any contestant’s total for each fish that is judged to be dead by the tournament director.

         3.  Total weight and Big Fish shall be officially scored in hundredths of a pound.

         4.  Awards shall be determined by total weights of legal fish, minus any penalties.  If for any reason a fish must be weighed in pounds and ounces, all total weights and Big Fish shall be scored to the lower ounce, then transposed to the lesser hundredths for official scoring. (Example: 7lbs3 ¾ oz+=7lbs 3 oz =7.18lbs)

         5. Weighing the contestants’ declared Big Fish would break ties.

Section 9.  Disqualifications

          1. The tournament director shall enforce Inland Empire Bass Club tournament rules, and encourage   Participants to obey jurisdictional fishing regulations.

          2.  Contestants who receive a citation or an infraction for violations of law shall be disqualified for that day  only.

          3. Any contest rule broken may mean disqualification for one or both days of a club tournament.

          4. The tournament director may disqualify any contestant for violation of Inland Empire Bass Club rules, however the disqualification may be appealed, so the disqualified contestant shall still weigh his/her fish.  

         5.  Protest by contestants shall be made in writing to the tournament director within one hour (60 minutes) of tournament weigh in.

         6.  No use of cell phones or communications devices are allowed to aid in catching and locating fish   during  tournaments   They may be used for contacting families or aid needed during an emergency .


1.    Big Fish option pot is $5.00 for the weekend.  The fisherperson with the biggest fish for the day gets the monies if they have paid into the option pot.

2.   Mystery Weight option of $5.00. A mystery weight will be drawn secretly and at random by the tournament director.  The person whose’ total weight for the tournament that comes closest to the mystery weight will be declared the winner.

3.   Top 5- $30.00 option for the top 5 finishers determined by the total weight for the tournament shall be divided and distributed by 40/25/20/10/5 of the total option pot.  Anglers do not have to participate in this option for overall tournament and season standing. 

NOTE:  Option pot money will be awarded 30 minutes  following the final weigh-in for the day.  Anglers must be in attendance to receive award money.  If not, money will be awarded to the next place angler that is in attendance.  If no anglers are in attendance the prize money will be donated to the general club fund

Yearly Awards

Top Angler of the Year

The club keeps track of angler total season finishes in club tournaments.  Points are awarded for placement in club tournaments with first place getting 200 points and every place after that getting 2 points less (198 for second, 196 for third, etc)  Places are determined by weight total for the 2 day tournaments. Final season standings are based on the best 5 tournaments out of 6 fished by each angler.  Tournament results will be posted on the club website as will be season standing up to the last tournament of the year. 

The following awards are given each year based on total fishing performance:

      1.    Top 10 Overall                            3.     Youth Division (up to age 18)

      2.     Ladies Division                          4.     Top Five in each Tournament


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