1.   General Club Philosophy:

       The Youth Chapter of the Inland Empire Bass Club was established in 2005 by a supporting vote of the  Board of Directors.  In the first meeting of the Charter Members decided the Vision of the Club.

“To be recognized as the best junior fishing club in the United States.”

      The club values are:

      Sportsmanship-be a good winner and a good looser.

      Competition-because it makes us better.

      Fun-we love fishing.

      Conservation-we practice careful catch and release.

2.   Membership

      A. Membership is available to children under the age of 18 whose families are members in good standing of the Inland Empire Bass Club with dues paid.  All Juniors and /or families must maintain general club membership.

     B.  Affiliation—The junior club will endeavor to maintain a sufficient number of members for appropriate   affiliations with State and National organizations of interest to the club

     C.  Ages and eligibility –IBEC age limits are 18, but not yet 19 or younger.  Other organizations set their own specific guidelines with age cutoffs for eligibility to participate in state and national qualifiers and championships

     D.  Juniors are encouraged to participate in as many club tournaments as possible to gain experience.

     E.  Attend a minimum of 4 of the 11 Junior club meetings or general club meetings.

     F.  Participate in the annual Christmas Banquet and awards.

     G.   Fish for trophies and prizes awarded for top club anglers and top three in the junior competitors.

     H.  Enjoy the fellowship and getting to know other young anglers with a shared interest in fishing.

     I.   Help out and attend Kids Fishing day.

3.   Organization

      Inland Empire Bass Club Youth Chapter is organized with a Board of Directors.  The board, which consists of three officers-President, Vice-President and Secretary and Treasurer and 12 board members (other original   charter members).  The purpose of the board is determinations as to the club Visions, Values and Mission and reconfirm those each year.  The board also determines participation in other events that help to contribute back to the sport of fishing.  Parents are always welcome to observe board meetings.  The meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month starting ˝ hour prior to the general IEBC club meeting.  6:30 pm start for Youth Chapter.   Youth then may join the general club meeting already in progress.

4.   Expenses

      Club expenses are paid by the general IEBC with the exception of membership fees required by any national organization such as FLW or BASS.  Those membership fees and entry requirements will be processed by the Youth Director with expenses being responsibility of individual youth members. Charge to participate in State tournaments will be determined by the respective state organizations.  Juniors are responsible for finding their own boat “sponsor” in tournaments where it is required that the IBEC provide a minimum of 1 boater for every two anglers. It is up to the Juniors (2) and the boaters (1) to make arrangements suitable to reimburse volunteer boaters for expenses incurred during junior   competitions.

5.   Tournaments

       The youth chapter members compete in as many club tournaments as possible.  Separate club standings will be maintained for youth.  There will be a Washington State Junior Championship tournament held each  year with the winners of the State in both age groups going on to a National/ World competition participation which will be determined by the membership of the youth chapter

6.   Tournament Procedures

       Junior State and National tournaments will be conducted in accordance with the rules as published by those respective organizations

7.   Constitution and By-laws.

       The Junior Chapter is sanctioned and supported but the Inland Empire Bass Club and will observe the basics of the adult club Constitution.  And By-laws with the following exceptions:

       a. Juniors must be at least the age legally required by Washington (or State in which adult tournament is taking place) to operate the combustion engine and/or fish in a club tournament.

       b. Parents or legal guardians of Juniors under the age of 18 fishing a club tournament on their own must sign a consent and release of liability form (provided by Youth Director).  The form must be submitted with entry fees paid for that particular tournament and resubmitted for each tournament there after.

       c. The Junior Club will elect a President and Vice President with the Youth Director acting as Secretary and Treasurer.